Have you ever caught your child in a sin and felt you responded poorly or unbiblically to the situation? Even with a toddler, as we seek to faithfully discipline my daughter, I find myself in this spot often. The link below provides a helpful example of how to show love to your child in the midst of a situation like this.



We hear statistics all the time about kids leaving church. We wonder why so many who grew up in our children’s ministries and youth groups aren’t around anymore or plugged in to any local church anywhere. Here’s an article taking a stab at how to answer that question (I think he’s spot on!). Enjoy.


Am I Really a Christian?

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As a child growing up in church culture and trying to understand the religous experiences I had over the years, I often found myself laying in bed at night questioning my salvation. Night after night, I would wrestle with these questions, wondering where I could get direction from to think through these imperative issues. I wish this website would have been around during those times. These short videos answer questions we all ask at one point or another and I would encourage you to check them out.


Timothy Paul Jones is a professor at Southern Seminary and a pastor at Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, KY. He came to Calvary last year to preach and to speak on discipling your children to parents and grandparents. I have counted it a privilege to listen to him lecture, preach, and have a few personal conversations about family ministry and I think that he is spot on in this article on ministry and parenting. This is a MUST READ for parents who are serious about leading their children spiritually and ministers serious about equipping parents to do just that.