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When you hear someone say “family worship,” it might bring up all kinds of thoughts. You might have no idea what it is, you might think it’s going to church with your family, and you might think you have to be a trained theologian to be involved in it. I had no idea what family worship even meant until a few years back when I was introduced to the idea in seminary. Basically it is getting together as a family for an intentional time of sitting under God’s word and celebrating God’s work. As parents we have all had that moment where we recognize we have no idea what we’re doing and are overwhelmed by the task God has given us. Thinking about leading your family in family worship might bring up these sorts of feelings, but let me encourage you to check out this link with some practical and simple ways to get started with this very important discipline in your home.


Within the last few weeks, I’ve noticed all over social networking sites the link below. It is a 10 minute youtube video by a woman named Jessica Rey that is titled “The Evolution of the Swimsuit.” It is a helpful history of the swimsuit throughout history and her basic argument is that the ways women present their bodies either emphasize their dignity and value or that their worth is found in their bodies. When the latter is the focus they tend to be looked at as a thing or an object and not a person made in the image of God. What a helpful truth to speak! Modesty is consistently a biblical standard given from God and a way to serve others instead of ourselves, but it is also a battlefield where convenience and fashion lead many to run away from modesty and towards worldliness. Jessica Rey, and hopefully others after her, have created a swimsuit line that seeks to pursue feminine dignity while not doing so at the stake of good fashion sense. More importantly than that, she speaks truths that men and women, young and old, children and parents need to hear: that what we wear says something about who we are, what we’re living for, and who we are serving. Check it out.

The age is getting younger and younger at which the average child views pornography and given our culture’s nack for selling sex and pushing boundaries and letting you decide what is right for you, this trend will only continue. A harem full of sexually explicit pictures can be viewed with any internet connection and your kids know that. In the midst of this, we still must parent our children and raise them in the fear of the Lord, seeking to protect their purity as they mature. This article provides some helpful tips on ways to do just that.