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The age is getting younger and younger at which the average child views pornography and given our culture’s nack for selling sex and pushing boundaries and letting you decide what is right for you, this trend will only continue. A harem full of sexually explicit pictures can be viewed with any internet connection and your kids know that. In the midst of this, we still must parent our children and raise them in the fear of the Lord, seeking to protect their purity as they mature. This article provides some helpful tips on ways to do just that.


What Someone Needs to Say

Posted: February 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

Within the last few months two well known Christians have had opportunities to take a strong stand for their beliefs regarding God’s plan for sexuality within the Bible and both have publicly not taken a stand for what they believe. A pastor in Michigan explains what he thinks that they and we should say when asked publicly what we believe about these things. At some point, we will have to take a stand for what we believe on the issue of homosexuality, and this provides a helpful resource for how to respond

Have you ever caught your child in a sin and felt you responded poorly or unbiblically to the situation? Even with a toddler, as we seek to faithfully discipline my daughter, I find myself in this spot often. The link below provides a helpful example of how to show love to your child in the midst of a situation like this.

We hear statistics all the time about kids leaving church. We wonder why so many who grew up in our children’s ministries and youth groups aren’t around anymore or plugged in to any local church anywhere. Here’s an article taking a stab at how to answer that question (I think he’s spot on!). Enjoy.